REGISTRATION: Foster Tower's House Rules require all owners, tenants and guests staying for more than 72 hours to submit a completed Resident Registration Form to Security.  This rule has always been a Foster Tower House Rule.  During the coronavirus epidemic, it is even more important to know who is staying in the building at all times.  Please ensure that everyone fills out the form and submits it to security.  You can download the form by clicking on this link :  RESIDENT REGISTRATION  FORM

GYM USE:  We hope to keep the gym open for Foster Tower's residents.  During the State Emergency (called into effect on 3/22/20), the following rules apply to gym use:

- only ONE person may use the gym at any one time. 

This rule is strictly enforced. 

Please do not ask someone who signed up to use the gym if it's OK to use it while they are in the gym.  They may be too polite to say "no."  If the Emergency Rules are not followed, we will need to close the gym to all residents.

- residents MUST sign up to use the gym by adding their name onto

this Google Form:  GYM  RESERVATION  FORM

- residents using the gym must wipe down all used equipment BEFORE & AFTER each use.

Foster  Tower